Festival of Ideas
Institute of Criminology, Cambridge
19th October 2019

Hosted by Rebecca Greene of Drawing Connections came a series of three events at the University of Cambridge’s Criminology department. They began with a soap carving workshop, followed by a panel discussion on the topic Arts in prisons: What changes can they bring? The final segment, saw a serendipity session, bringing together musicians, spoken word artists, and myself; reading passages from my publication An Inside Story.

On the panel:

Rebecca Greene, founder of Drawing Connections, chair
Lee Cutter, artist
Philip Emery, Director, 2makeit
Susy Hulley, Senior Researcher, Institute of Criminology
Caroline Lanskey, Director of MPhil, Institute of Criminology
Lorraine Gelsthorpe, Director, Institute of Criminology

The days events were captured by Urban Apache Films and collated into a short documentary.