Drongenhofkapel, Ghent
5 – 22 April 2019

This group installation took place in an abandoned chapel, situated in the heart of Ghent, Belgium. Débris, a collaborative project initiated by Parce Gallery, brought together artists from Belgium, Columbia and the UK to reflect on the theme of time.

The building is an early 17th century late Gothic chapel that was once an integral part of the local community. Now, it’s a place that’s almost forgotten, from its decaying exterior to the tall locked doors. Inside you’ll find a bed of sand on the floor, arched windows typical of that period, and an impressive wooden spire, resting on bricks dating back to 1607.

A piece of text was commissioned to accompany this show, as well as a series of artist talks, free to the public. In an attempt to draw locals in, and offer an opportunity to re-engage with this once imperative space.